Beyond the Veil? TA Sends Cryptic Canvas Messages About “Unfinished Assignment”

KEETON HOUSE—English Major Reid Leddy ‘26 found himself both mystified and awed today after receiving a message from someone he believed to be unreachable. Though Leddy’s TA was nowhere nearby, she was able to communicate with Leddy through the Canvas messaging system in order to inform him that he had still not turned in last Wednesday’s paper.

“It felt like she was speaking right to me”, explained Leddy, referring to the experience of reading words on a screen and hearing them in his head. “I was ready to give up on the assignment altogether, but you’re not gonna get a clearer sign than that. Who am I to defy the supernatural?”

Skepticism of the paranormal is certainly reasonable, but the proximity of this event to All Hallow’s Eve cannot be ignored. Although the precise cause of this occult occurrence remains unclear, experts suspect it may have been due to a studious witch, a trickster spirit, or–the least likely scenario–Leddy’s TA finally running out of patience.

“I cannot yet pass on,” stated Leddy’s TA, Alicia Kurt ‘25. “Everyone in the class is supposed to peer edit someone else’s essay, and until Reid submits his, I can’t assign the Canvas groups. Once he completes his task, we’ll all be able to leave this unit and depart to what lies beyond, which is how to properly format a bibliography.”

At press time, Leddy claimed to have been contacted once again from “somewhere outside our mortal coil” after receiving a picture of a minion from his aunt via Whatsapp.

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