Class Canvas Site Remains Suspiciously Un-Published

WEST CAMPUS— Just one hour before the class is set to begin for the year, the Canvas page for Advanced Economics of Trade remains unviewable on Canvas, sending anxious students into a spiral of paranoia and panic over potential first-class expectations.

“Nothing at all? Not even a syllabus?” asked James Allen ‘24. “I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to have prepared for the first class. Am I going to get quizzed, assigned something, asked questions about some reading? What do I do if I get sick or have to miss class? I swear, if the professor tells me to ‘read the syllabus’ one more time without actually giving it to me I’m going to snap.”

After several students connected about their mutual concerns over the class via Reddit, they realized they were unsure how to prepare for the class ahead. Some chose to ignore the class while others read an entire used textbook from last years’ section. Ultimately, they decided to email their professor for answers.

“We’d really love to have the page up by now,” responded the professor, Dr. Matthew Mathers, “but we ran into some technical difficulties. We are doing whatever we can to get the materials up, but there are no guarantees. We aren’t IT people. Regardless, I’m sure one tiny assignment won’t end up impacting anyone’s grade in the long run.”

After being provided with Dr. Mathers’ response, multiple students reported feeling physically ill enough to miss class.

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