Report: Cornell Dining Staff Will Let You Bum A Cig If You Ask Politely Enough

BECKER HALL—A West Campus dining hall has made headlines again this week after a new report emerged about employee conduct. The information, which is purely anecdotal, was collected and reported by Thomas Berg, ‘25 who lives in Becker South on West Campus.

“I was walking back from Noyes the other night, took a different path than normal and wound up behind the kitchens in the basement of Becker. That’s when I noticed a bunch of the dining staff was ripping some darts during their break,” said Berg, a sophomore in ILR. “My Elfbar had died right before I left for the gym so I had a hankering for some nic, you know?”

Berg was initially a bit uneasy about approaching the dining staff, as he felt it may be rude to interrupt their break. 

“I knew it was Sloppy Joe Sunday, so I figured their shift had to have been pretty intense and I didn’t want to bother them. They had to be, like, stressed—I noticed one guy kill most of an American Spirit in a single drag, which is pretty hard to do.”

Nevertheless, Berg decided to roll the dice and inquire about potentially taking a drag from one of their cigarettes.

“I just kinda strolled up and introduced myself. I asked them about how their days’ were going and where they were from,” said Berg, “They were super chill and we started chatting about how much better the food in Becker is than over at Rose. I thanked them for always holding it down in the kitchen and mentioned that I was fiending for nicotine and that I’d really appreciate a sneaky chief if it wouldn’t be too much trouble.”

It was then that Berg said it happened.

“I had been hoping for a quick puff, not even a full pull from one of their cigs, but they surprised me. Tony—who was the main dude I was talking to—instead of passing me his lit dart, pulled out a pack of Reds and offered me one. A full cig!! That’s like 65 cents!!!”

Berg reports that while he enjoyed the Marlboro product, the best part of the encounter was making a new friend. 

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