Bitter War of Words Between Daily Sun Columnists Seen by Eight People

DAY  HALL—A vicious battle of ideas has broken out in the Letters to the Editor section of the Cornell Daily Sun, with insults, factual errors, pretentious corrections, and threats flying in the face of all eight readers bearing witness to it.

“The question needs to be asked: do business students deserve rights?” posited ILR student Antonio Engels ‘25 in one particularly controversial op-ed. “The workers of the world have been underneath the boot of Dyson graduates for generations; perhaps it’s time we stop rewarding them with things like SAFC funds, degrees, and access to Collegetown Bagels. ” 

Engels’s article provoked a storm of outrage towards the Daily Sun from alumni and current students alike. Over 30 Letters to the Editor have been published this week, and even more are expected to be published in the near future. Engels has made sure to respond to each and every one, but as the flame war has continued, the enraptured audience has begun to diminish, with some wondering why this hasn’t been put to bed already.

“At first, the back and forth was exciting,” explained Sun reader Alex Ameri ‘23. “A prominent graduate landlord would call that sophomore a ‘Communist soyboy cuck,’ and the columnist would write back declaring that his adversary was ‘a parasite sucking joy out of the working class.’ It was entertaining; I honestly don’t know who let all that get published, but I appreciate the commitment to drama. However, the letters kept coming, and now that it’s been three weeks I’m not sure why I’m still reading.”

In a public statement, the Daily Sun claimed the letters it published were “among the most humane it had received,” and that its editorial process was strained by the sheer amount of illegal activity it was forced to review.

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