OP-ED: Enough Time Has Passed. This Halloween, I’m Going as Slutty Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

For the past three years, I’ve been told to just hold out a little longer, to wait until next time, and to remain “tasteful.” But after two halloweekends of disappointing costumes (Sexy John M. Olin ‘22, Clara Dicks-in ‘23), the gloves—or should I say Justice robes—are finally coming off. In the words of the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “I dissent.” 

As history told, Justice Ginsburg was never one to give up, quit, or retire, regardless of popular or medical opinion. So why should I? These days, everyone dresses as a devil, Bob Ross, or an A24 film character. What ever happened to egregiously disrespecting foreign cultures and more importantly, dead people?

Ginsburg served so that young people like myself could Roe our boats through rivers of White Claw and Wade in the waters of jungle juice. This Halloween, I intend on honoring her legacy by passing out in a bathroom somewhere and making those around me question whether or not I am still alive.

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