Dark Academia? I Am Sad and Have To Do Homework

URIS LIBRARY– Sasha Wilken ‘24 is truly embracing the aesthetics of dark academia by donning a tweed blazer while she sobs over her 324 pages of reading due Friday. 

“I’ve always loved looking at dark academia fashion and pictures on pinterest, but now that I have no time to do that, I have found a natural outlet for my aesthetic through my sorrowful 20hr/day existence in the dreary landscape of Uris Library,” says Wilken. “Who knew staying fashionable would be as easy as falling into a nihilistic hole of self-loathing and purposelessness due to the discussion posts I have to write on Greek Classics.”

With dark academia on the rise with the emergence of Autumn, students like Wilkens have been embracing the pessimism and existential dread that comes with being full-time student at Cornell. The tears shed atop their navy cardigans and black Mary Janes are signs of dark academia’s popularity. 

“I think I don’t really fit dark academia in the physical sense, because I haven’t showered in a week and have been wearing the same sweats for the past month, but I definitely fit it into the miserably busy philosophy that comes with it,” says Wilken’s friend Alba Salis ‘24. “The fashion sense may be filled with dull grays, beiges, and dark greens, but I know that I am fulfilling the dark academia vibe on outlook, because everything has felt like a dull gray recently.”

Wilken and Salis have expressed their desire to petition Canvas to update its UI to resemble a tattered, yellow-stained scroll to “fit their vibe,” but unfortunately lack the motivation to do so.

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