Remember Hanukkah? Tiny Seasonal Knickknack Section at Target Does!

With a flourish, Target Employee of the Month Cathy Peterson proudly set a single gleaming menorah on a far back corner of the store. The Hanukkah section was ready for its big debut. 

A self-described spokesperson for the Jewish people, Smith dedicates herself to philanthropic pursuits such as these to honor the singular practicing Jew in her hometown. “I love to give back to the community,” Smith beamed before plugging in the twelve-foot-tall inflatable Santa Claus by the entryway.

Target Manager Mark Hunt explained that for him, embracing other cultures is the best part of the holiday season. “It brings us great joy to represent both of the two religions here at Target. That means not just celebrating Christmas but the Jewish one with the candelabra as well!” He said before flicking on the Christmas tree’s sparkling lights, bathing the store in a red and green glow. 

Student shopper Daphne Rogers ‘25, who happened upon the holiday display while running errands, articulated delight at the initiative. “Oh yeah! I remember Hanukkah!” she exclaimed. “Glad they’re doing another year of that.”

Target always boasts a vast array of holiday decorations during the month of December, but this year, Smith’s energy has ignited the hearts of her coworkers. That’s why even the store’s Starbucks cafe plans to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Employee Jessica Hawes revealed the top secret ingredients behind their new “Gelt Latte” in an interview. “It’s a mocha,” she said

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