Guy Wearing “This Is What a Cornell Engineer Looks Like” Shirt Definitely Didn’t Need to Clarify

DUFFIELD HALL—Last week, Bruce Reid ‘26, a Cornell mechanical engineering student, proudly sported his “This Is What a Cornell Engineer Looks Like” shirt around campus. However, Reid’s peers claim that they didn’t require his extra clarification to figure out his major.

“Oftentimes, images portray an idea better than words,” said Jabari White ‘25, who saw Reid leaving a Phillips Hall restroom without using soap to wash his hands. “The mysterious orange stain covering the lower half of his shirt and its accompanying smell communicated more than a slogan ever could,” White added.

Jillian Abhrahams ‘25, one of two women Reid is familiar with, concurred.

“Yeah, he wears that shirt pretty often…for days at a time, and without washing it,” Abrahams said. “But just look at him, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.”

Despite criticism, the engineering student defends his choice of wardrobe, arguing that it is never okay to judge people for their appearances.

“Making assumptions about people is never okay,” Reid responded. “I am more than an engineering major–I am also minoring in computer science.”

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