Disaster! Fire Juggling Club and Big Piles of Straw Club Placed Next to Each Other at Clubfest

BARTON HALL–Clubfest was evacuated Sunday after the Fire Juggling Club’s live demonstration sent a wayward torch into a hands-on display for the Big Piles of Straw Club, who occupied the neighboring booth. 

CUPD had their hands full containing several unrelated blazes in North Campus residence halls and were therefore unable to respond to the scene. Luckily, the flames were neutralized thanks to the quick thinking of a member of the Fire Extinguisher Club.

 “Not to brag, but I kind of saved the day,” said Imani Macgyver ‘25. “I immediately pulled all the interest pamphlets off of our table, unfolded them, stapled them together to form a large sheet, and began waving it to redirect the smoke towards the roof, which set off the sprinklers.”

Miraculously, no one was hurt, although several clubs’ materials were damaged in the blaze and subsequent downpour. The Risk Management Consulting Club–whose internal documents and registration paperwork were displayed at the front of their booth and destroyed completely–announced their intent to leverage their “elite connections in the business world” to pursue financial reparations.

Connie Edwards, an event coordinator, offered her apologies. “We acknowledge that this incident could possibly have been avoided given more careful planning. Fortunately, we’ve amended the booth arrangements and will host a makeup Clubfest period next weekend for those clubs whose afternoon time slots were canceled yesterday! Make sure to come check out the Antique Vase Collectors’ Club and the Blindfolded Roller-Skating Club for a taste of Cornell’s diverse extracurriculars!”

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