Leaked NSA Documents Reveal Illegal Wiretapping of I-Clickers

ITHACA, NY- A recently released file from Edward Snowden has revealed that the NSA participated in a covert data collection operation in order to obtain information regarding student i-Clicker usage. While campus officials have defended this project as a necessary preventative measure, many students are appalled that such superfluous data collection occurred. “I just feel taken advantage of, this is a blatant obstruction of my privacy,” said Elliot Gold ’15 “I usually just vote C since I don’t do the readings. Is that really the government’s business?”

In defending the measure, Data science Professor James Yelner explained “To you and me it’s just A’s, B’s C’s, and D’s, maybe even E’s when the professor puts up a joke answer. But to the guys who are keeping this country safe, this information could be used to prevent disaster before it strikes. It could save lives.”

Students have already come together to protest this surveillance, in what some are calling the Pro-Multiple-Choice movement or Project None of the Above, by taking to Ho Plaza protesting the surveillance intrusions.

At press time, everyone is still actively using i-Clickers out of fear of losing participation points.

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