Student Adds Personal Touch to Computer with CTB and Agava Stickers

ITAHCA, NY – In what she called “an effort to make [her] computer feel a little more personal”, Emma Altman ‘15 installed stickers for Collegetown Bagels and local restaurant Agava on the back of her laptop. “The other day I noticed nothing was on the back of my Macbook, so I thought to myself, what could I put on my laptop that would make it stand out from the rest?” Altman went on to explain its importance to her individually, saying how CTB was one of her favorite places to eat in Collegetown and she encourages others to try it out.

“I’m hoping my sticker will spark interest in this fabulous bagel shop! I love supporting small businesses and helping them get known by other students.” When asked what she thought about other people adopting the same sticker decorations for their own laptops, Altman seemed ambivalent saying that she would “love to see others explore their own individuality as well…but I don’t want us all to look the same.” At press time, Altman reported that she was going to bring her laptop with her to her personal and uniquely favorite place to grab coffee and do some work: Libe Cafe.

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