Sorry You Just Couldn’t Get it Up: An Open Letter Regarding The Cornell Daily Sun Website

Hey Cornell Daily Sun,

You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a perfectly natural problem that happens to every publication with a functional web presence. You just couldn’t get it up. Look, we get it, you had a long day, you’re under a lot of stress from all that reporting you’ve been doing, and your website just hasn’t been, shall we say, cooperating. Sure, there have been glimmers of hope, a quick few seconds of site loading before a page timeout, but everyone knows that keeping it up is really just as hard as getting it up.

Hey guys, you’ve still got a lot going for you and there’s been a lot of pressure lately. We know you’ve got a lot of content to handle, with all those pages, blogs and sections. Size matters, and you set a high expectation. Length matters too, and you’ve always been the first one to hammer in any point with paragraph after paragraph of text. You swear this like, never happens, and you just need a minute, but its really ok- you can try again tomorrow.

Chin up, buddy. You gave it your best shot, and we admire your commitment. As a campus publication your job is leave the campus population satisfied – all we really want is to be relieved with a good read at the end of the day.

So you’ve had a bit of electronic dysfunction lately; it happens to the best of us. Heck, here at CU Nooz we pride ourselves on our daily commitment to bringing consistent pleasure to Cornell University at least two or three times a day, but we’ve had our hiccups too. Sometimes, on weekends, we won’t perform as well after a late night of drinking, but we’re always sure to bounce back the next day.

Hey. Hey. This doesn’t make you any less of a periodical. It’s just part of growing up – getting older. So get back out there slugger. You just need to reboot your hard drive, get a good nights sleep, stay hydrated, maybe eat some pineapple (we read somewhere that that works, or was it artichokes?), and get back to what you do best: giving us all the deepest and most penetrating news updates at Cornell University.

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