Afikomen Still Missing, Presumed Dead

ITHACA- Hillel’s RPCC Super Seder mostly went off Monday mostly without a hitch. However, reports are surfacing today that one of the afikomen, a piece of matzah set aside to be eaten after the meal, hidden at the seder still cannot be found.  According to multiple sources, leader of seder table #3, Sarah Fried, disappeared for “quite some time” to go hide the afikomen.

During dessert, the table members were unable to find the unleavened bread wrapped in a napkin anywhere across the main dining room of RPCC.  After looking above, below, and behind every table, soda machine and refrigerator, table three decided they needed help. It was then that tables four and five joined the search party.  Slowly after searching the entire RPCC premises, the three groups declared the afikomen “missing.”

At press time, Fried had filed an official missing matzah report with the Ithaca Police Department after the passage of the 72 hour window.

Above: Last seen photo of the missing matzah (center of pile).

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