In Effort to Improve Efficiency, Cornell Removes Sunday from Academic Calendar

DAY HALL — Cornell announced early Monday morning that yesterday would be the last Sunday for the academic year.

“We conducted a large-scale study of how students worked during the course of a week and we discovered that Sunday was the leader in a number of concerning categories,” said April May, the chair of Cornell’s Calendar Efficiency Committee. “We feel that removing Sunday from the calendar and shifting to a six-day week will vastly improve the efficiency of students.”

According to the report, released early on “Sunday,” Sundays were the most hungover, the most unproductive, the most lethargic, and the most “generally bleh” day of the week.

“While students often made big plans for Sundays, we realized that none of the goals were accomplished,” said May. “Concession after concession created a process which simply pushed those goals to Monday.”

As of today, the new academic calendar goes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then back to Monday. May explained, “We recognize that the transition may be difficult, but we are committed to continually reviewing Cornell’s processes to ensure that they operate at the highest level of efficiency.”

This review process will be ongoing according to May. “We’ve identified Saturday as another ‘trouble day,’ and are currently entertaining plans to cancel that day as well.”

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