Gannett Study Offers Tips for Reduced Stress: “Just Have More Time”

GANNETT — Today Gannett released the conclusions to a year-long, million dollar research project centered on reducing the amount of stress in students’ lives. “We recognize the stressful nature of students’ lives, and hope that these results will give students an idea of what a healthy lifestyle is,” reads the introduction to the 47-page report.

The study concluded that students could try a number of options to reduce stress, ranging from the incorporation of regular exercise to proper breathing techniques. However, the most effective means of reducing stress quickly became clear: “Just have more time,” “try a nap,” or “be less stressed” count themselves among the frontrunners of the study’s results.

The report goes on to say, “The nature of the university, including structural demands on students, exorbitant tuition, and the weighty expectations of quick success all weigh heavily on students’ minds at all times. However, we feel strongly that students should feel personally guilty for the state of their own mental health, and have concluded that they simply need to have more time.”

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