Freshman Excited to See Architect Roommate for First and Last Time

LOW RISE 7 – Following weeks of talking online and getting acquainted with one another, Taylor O’Connell ’19 expressed her excitement today as she prepared to see her new architect roommate in person for the last time.

“I can’t wait for Chelsea [Kapp ‘19] to get here so that I can finally talk to her face-to-face before not seeing her again at all this semester!” squealed the incoming Food Sciences major, who would undoubtedly have more free time than her studio-bound roommate.

O’Connell went on to say that from their brief email correspondence, she could tell that Kapp seemed like the type of friend that she would always be able to see only on Dragon Day.

“She’s an artist, so I bet she has great taste in style and her side of the room is going to look fabulous, even though it will be vacant for the rest of the year.”

O’Connell also explained that if things go really well, they could be roommates again as sophomores, or if not then she could room with a friend in the College of Engineering who would live in Duffield Hall.

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