OP-ED: Is This Going To Be on the Exam?

Professor, I have a question. I need it answered right away, or else I won’t be able to focus. Is this particular topic going to be on the exam?

Look, I know you’re teaching it to us right now. But see, here’s the problem: it’s really hard. This stuff you’re teaching us is not easy for me to understand. And I need to know if you’re seriously considering quizzing us on this very difficult thing, because frankly that seems unfair.

You spent a long time planning this lesson, I get that. I appreciate that. But I’m not paying tuition for a holistic learning experience here, and you’re not getting paid to impart knowledge outside the scope of your own tests.

Ah, I see you put it on the syllabus as well. That still doesn’t answer my question though.

If it is going to be on the exam, then by all means continue. But if it’s not, then I think my time would be better spent daydreaming, asleep or on my phone. We’d just be wasting away the hour otherwise.

While we’re at it, the slides are going to be posted online right? I wasn’t planning on taking notes at the moment either.

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