Sack of Shit TA Cancels Office Hours for So-Called “Family Emergency”

BAKER HALL — Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for CHEM 2070 and local sack of shit Jenna Liu cancelled her regular office hours this week for a so-called “family emergency,” neglecting her duties to many passionate, hard-working chemistry students.

“I don’t care what elderly relative is in the hospital, I need her to finish my problem set for me!” Aimee Mei ‘18 said upon hearing about the sudden cancellation by the insensitive pile of human garbage, who will be traveling home to Portland, Oregon later today.

The undergraduate TA made a post on the course webpage expressing her clearly half-hearted apologies, having the nerve to ask students to be patient in her absence.

“You all will need to bear with me during this difficult time in my life,” said Liu, whose uncaring attitude towards her peers will undoubtedly ruin the grade of half the class.

The insensitive piece of trash was last spotted in an ER room doing nothing of use. Sources report she hasn’t even started grading last week’s lab report.

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