Friends From Different States Have Different Fast Food

ALICE COOK HOUSE— After realizing they were accustomed to different fast food chains, Alex Garza ‘21 and Jonathan Leftwich ‘21 engaged in a fifteen minute discussion on Tuesday about which fast food restaurants they eat at in their respective hometowns.

At first, Garza, a Texas native, seemed shocked that the Massachusettsan Leftwich had never eaten a Whataburger. Leftwich in turn looked at Garza with disgust after he claimed that to have never “gone to dunks.”

But as the conversation progressed, both students said they grew to appreciate the diversity in their hometown fast food backgrounds. “I hadn’t thought before about what life would be like without In-N-Out around the corner,” said Garza. “I think I’m very privileged I am to not have a subpar burrito place be what everyone thinks about as ‘Dallas fast food.’”

“If Alex and I can be friends despite these massive cultural differences, I think there is hope for this nation to come together in these turbulent times,” said Leftwich.

At press time, the two sophomores were locked in a deep conversation about the differences in weather patterns between Texas and Massachusetts.

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