Cornell Decreases Printing Prices from $0.09 to $0.08 to Alleviate Financial Burden of Low-Income Students

DAY HALL—Cornell issued a university-wide mandate lowering the price of printing by one whole cent, aiming to make an Ivy League education more accessible to students suffering from financial difficulties.

Hugh Lipton, head of the Cornell’s Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, emphasized in the report the “importance of expanding access to students whose parents just couldn’t afford to donate a building. It’s our priority to embody the Any Person, Any Study principle and this is an historical moment to be proud of for years to come.”

Even on a campus as stigma-free as Cornell, the printing price reduction will help with basic necessities like $400 textbooks, the $234 student activity fee, club and Greek life fees, $800 parking passes, $3000 mandatory meal plans, and rent.

“It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I will be able to save tens of cents,” said Melissa Rannells ‘20. “Maybe even a couple bucks by the end of the year, if I’m lucky. Then I can finally buy myself lunch at Zeus!”

This mandate is especially helpful given the University’s recent increase in laundry prices.

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