Sick Little Pervert Enrolls in Difficult Class to Learn

LYON HALL—On Monday, twisted little shit Taylor Gillis ’21 rounded off his pre-enroll session by signing up for a challenging class for the sole purpose of learning more about the subject matter.

By enrolling in MATH 6220 Rimannian Geomentry, fucked-up degenerate Gillis hoped to delve into the complex mathematical material for no other reason than finding the topic interesting.

“Riemannian matrices seem sort of up my alley, and I’ve always been curious about how the exponential map works,” said the perverted bastard, expressing his sincere joy for acquiring new knowledge. “I’ve heard it’s quite challenging, but I’ll try my best. It’s only offered in the spring, so this might be my only chance to take it!”

Gillis reported that he will fulfill his most debauched fantasies in MATH 6220 next semester, not only showing up in-person to the attendance-optional class but also going to office hours in his free time simply to continue engaging with the material.

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