Cocktail Lounge Construction Crew Still Not Respecting Whisper Zone

URIS LIBRARY—While working on renovations in Uris Library’s Cocktail Lounge, construction workers have been flagrantly disregarding the “Whisper Zone” signs located throughout the study area.

“They’re just so inconsiderate. How am I supposed to watch Netflix or snap my brothers when the jackhammers and table saws are exceeding the level of a gentle whisper?” complained Joseph Gao ‘20. “It’s like the construction workers have no respect for the Whisper Zone, though at least the new noise level is an improvement over last semester.”

Students have reported that in the Cocktail Lounge, which has gained a reputation as the perfect place to study if you’d rather not, the noise level from power sanders alone is nearly as loud as someone slowly opening a bag of chips.

“Shushing them doesn’t seem to do any good either,” said Elizabeth Beckham ‘21. “They’ll stop hammering for a few seconds, glare at you, and then slowly raise their volume back to normal over the course of a few minutes. The worst offenders are the people demolishing the drywall in the private study rooms. They don’t think we can hear them outside the door, but we totally can.”

Cornell assures students that the construction workers don’t want to cause a nuisance, but rumor has it that one of their welding machines was smoking in a No Smoking area.

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