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Hungover Garrett Regrets 2 AM Impulse Purchase of New Academic Building

DAY HALL – After a night of intense partying, President Elizabeth Garrett woke up this morning with both a massive hangover and immense regret from drunkenly ordering a new academic building to be constructed on campus. “I don’t even remember buying a new building, but I got an email confirmation Read More

Injured Gannett Construction Workers to Receive Treatment by Summer 2017

GANNETT HEALTH CENTER – Following the news that multiple construction workers had sustained injuries on the site of the new health center, Cornell University Health Services announced today that they estimate the injured workers will be able to receive full treatment at Gannett by the summer of 2017. “I got Read More

University Set to Offer “History of Campus Construction” in the Spring

MILSTEIN HALL- In a statement released last Tuesday, the Architecture and History departments announced that they are coming together to offer a new class this spring titled “History of Campus Construction.” “We wanted to offer a class that was unique to Cornell, and we felt that this class truly exemplifies Read More