‘What Did I Miss?’ Asks Architecture Major Leaving Studio for First Time in 18 Weeks

MILSTEIN HALL—Area architecture major Juliet Brimwire ‘21 has enthusiastically emerged from her annual 18-week-long spring studio stint, eager to reconnect with the world beyond her drafting table. 

“Every March, once I get into the thick of the semester, I’ll commit to turning off all of my electronics and not leaving Milstein Hall until I conclude all of my Spring semester work, which usually takes until early July,” said the fourth-year student.

While this is a common academic strategy among architecture majors, Brimwire did notice that this year felt a little different. 

“Yeah, the Milstein crowd did seem to thin out a bit this year, but I figured that just meant I was better at buildings than everyone else. Honestly, they missed out; it was easy to stay focused this semester: my lazy professors stopped showing up to lectures, Slope Day was really quiet, and none of my senior friends bugged me to hang out with them before graduation. It was every Archie’s dream.”

As Brimwire prepares to leave campus for the first time since August, she expressed excitement ahead of a summer of travel, entertainment, philanthropy, and hopefully, some family time.

“I live in Manhattan, but I’m heading to Miami Beach—both for the awesome club scene and to volunteer at a kissing booth that raises money for the police department,” explained Brimwire. 

“My mom’s the executive producer of the TV show ‘Cops,’ my dad’s a Vice President at this German payments company called Wirecard, and my sister’s a dancer on Broadway, so we’re essentially never all home together. It’s quirky, but each summer we try to find the time to rent a car from Hertz and drive out to New Rochelle to go to Chuck E. Cheese, shop at JCPenney, and catch a minor league baseball game.”

At press time, Brimwire was spotted sprinting back into Milstein after opening the New York Times app for the first time in 5 months. 


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