Lack of Women’s Restrooms In Hollister Gentle Little Reminder of Our Place In Society

HOLLISTER HALL—Despite recent efforts to become more diverse and inclusive of women, the College of Engineering has made sure to keep the women’s restroom options limited in Hollister Hall as a friendly reminder of our place in society.

“One of the things that drew me to Cornell was how welcoming it was, especially for  women in a field such as engineering,” said Priya Yadav ‘25. “However, I was definitely shocked and disappointed when I left my math discussion and realized I had to go all the way to the arts quad to find an available bathroom.”

Other female engineering students had mixed feelings about the lack of restrooms, and opted to look on the bright side of the situation.

“Everytime I’m on the third floor of Hollister and realize I need to go to the second to relieve myself, I like to use that realization as a reminder to stay grounded,” said Ellen Choi ‘24. “It’s kind of like when Patrick from thermo corrects my homework and I definitely got the answer wrong, it keeps me humble.”

As of press time, construction workers were seen demolishing the women’s restrooms in Duffield Hall.

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