Walk-In Closet? All My Clothes Are On The Floor

CASCADILLA HALL—Architecture major Barry Kletz ‘26 completed major renovations on his Cascadilla single after he converted his previously drab living space into a fabulous walk-in closet by simply leaving all his laundry on the floor for an entire week.

“Having all the clothes right here in front of me has enabled outfits I would’ve never thought possible,” said Kletz, wearing a gray hoodie and jeans. “I never would’ve paired those shorts with that T-shirt yesterday, but since all my other shirts smell like the Okenshields wok station, the decision was easy! I used to be  paralyzed by choice, but now each morning I just pick the most ‘presentable’ option and call it a day.”

After nearly emptying his wardrobe, Kletz has also made use of the new storage space created by his new fashion-forward dormitory setup. Shelves that were previously useless due to the folded shirts and underwear that occupied them can now be used to store loose pieces of paper and half eaten bags of Tostitos Hint of Lime chips. The laundry heap also serves as a perfect resting place for Kletz’s collection of open cardboard boxes and Amazon packages. While most students would have simply thrown them away, Kletz has created yet another organizational marvel by simply placing his belongings into the loose boxes, ensuring that he can never actually get rid of them.

“I should’ve never done my laundry,” commented Priya Greene ‘26, one of Kletz’s numerous adoring floormates. “When I look at what Barry has done with his dorm, I can’t help but be jealous. I think of all the time I spend folding my clothes and putting them on shelves just to unfold them later, what’s it all for? Barry’s got it all right at his fingertips, what a genius.”

Kletz’s pile of unwashed linens has proved to be beneficial in more ways than one. Aside from clothing organization and storage, the clothy lump also makes a great place to lay down and take a nap without having to walk all the way to the bed.

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