Oh The Humanities! Guy in “Bullshit Major” Has Way More Fulfilling Life Than You

WHITE HALL–English Major Richard Jameson ‘24 has been thriving and successful in both his academics and social life, despite having what he and others describe as a “Bullshit Major.” 

Biology Major Sammi Reidy ‘24 has expressed dismay at her friend’s overall joy and excessive freetime. “His passion for what he does, and his lively, healthy social life fill me with envy. Even though his major is the laziest, easiest, and poorest choice, I can’t help but feel spite for his happiness. While I am locked up in Uris on a Friday night just trying to make sure I pass my classes to get into med school, he is out creating memories that he will cherish forever. My wrath for this knows no bounds–this gleeful piece of shit already has a job lined up at the Huffington Post after applying with a poem about democracy.  Meanwhile, I am researching liver cancer and have been rejected from all 30 research positions I’ve applied for,” says Reidy. “I’m gonna be sick…”

Jameson has a healthy and reasonable workload, allowing him to have time to fulfill hobbies and hang out with the people he loves. When he is done with his essay on Kafka, he can be found lounging in the fall sun on the arts quad knitting scarves for his friends. Awww!

“I totally respect everyone who has to manage 70 hour-a-week workloads. But I just didn’t think it was for me, so I’m pursuing something that is super fun, easy, and only requires about 4 hours,” says a smiling Jameson. “I’m passionate about it too! Honestly I really love life, and yeah, my major is total BS, but at least I get to write sonnets about Jane Austen novels and still have plenty of time to call my loving mom.”

Reidy would have more time to frolic through the beauty that is our planet earth if she stopped complaining about the major she literally chose

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