Professors to Crack Down On Copied Homework Answers By Underlining “No Copying”

KENNEDY HALL- The professors of Cornell gathered today to discuss the issue of copied homework on campus, and concluded that the best way to ensure the originality of one’s answers was to underline the words “No Copying” that can be found at the top of any assigned homework sheet.

“We make it very clear that copying homework answers is a direct violation of academic integrity, but with copying still occurring on a regular basis, we figure the only way to really crack down is to underline, bold, and possibly even italicize the warning at the top of every assignment page,” stated history professor Ivan Piers, who is considering adding an effect in Microsoft Word to add an ominous shadow to the precaution told to every student. “And if that doesn’t work, no more Mr. Nice Guy. I’m thinking font size 24, all caps, with the addition of the words ‘OR ELSE’. That’ll show them not to cheat on their homework.”

The professors later decided to tackle the issue of cheating that would occur during tests, to which everybody figured that spacing all students one seat apart was just about foolproof.

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