TakeNote to Offer New TakeExam Services

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COLLEGETOWN – Supplemental course note provider TakeNote has announced it will begin offering a TakeExam service, in which TakeNote employees will take prelims and finals for students at a predetermined price.

“We are confident that TakeExam will improve our customers grades even more than our note-taking service,” said a company representative, explaining that all tests would be taken by pre-approved exam-takers who had previously earned an A or better in the class in question.

The representative explained that TakeNote had identified a major deficiency in its effectiveness, as simply supplying notes did not guarantee high grades for students. “The success of our notes must still pass through the effort of the students themselves,” he said.

TakeNote considered a number of options to increase its effectiveness such as hiring more attentive notetakers or adding references for further research. “In the end, we found that simply changing the students themselves showed the greatest grade increases.”

When asked about how the organization planned on bypassing Cornell’s Code of Academic Integrity, the representative asked, “What’s that?”

This article is sponsored by TakeNote. TakeExam service is pending, but the discount is for real. 

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