STUDY: Californian Students Tired of Hearing How Cold It Going to Get

ARTS QUAD — A new study shows that Californian students are already tired of students from colder regions telling them how much colder it’s going to get.

“I get it. I’m from California. I’m already wearing the warmest jacket I own. It’s going to get colder, I get it. I know how the seasons work,” said Anna Mendez ‘18, a participant in the study. The researchers discovered that even though it had dropped below freezing for barely more than a week, the average Californian student is reminded that it will, indeed, get colder still an average of 57 times a day.

“I’ll just buy another coat, for fuck’s sake,” continued Mendez. “I don’t need to be told that I’m not used to the cold. I am reminded of that every second I am in the cold.”

At press time, Mendez was unwilling to comment on whether she had ever seen snow before.

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