Freshman Immediately Regrets Sharing “Two Dogs” as Fun Fact

RAWLINGS GREEN — Just seconds after blurting out “I have two dogs” to the indifferent members of his orientation group, freshman Coby Cordsen immediately regretted sharing what was supposed to be the “fun fact” about himself.

“I have two dogs? Is that seriously the best I could do?” Cordsen repeated shamefully in his head. “I also went parasailing this summer, and I lived in Switzerland for two years!” he hopelessly realized far too late.

The fun facts leading up to Cordsen’s had all been strong, including impressive skills in mountain climbing and experience in swimming with sharks; Cordsen’s statement was justifiably not well-received.

“Is that the only cool thing about this guy?” pondered Cordsen’s Orientation Leader Carli Pritts ‘17, “I guess I really got the runt of the litter this year.”

Cordsen’s bleak remark was promptly topped by that of Allison Wu, who shared that she can speak five languages and has three dogs.

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