Alumni Dad Shows Son Old Sex and Drug Hangout Spot

FALL CREEK GORGE — Earlier this morning, alumni father Arthur Carrington ’79 took his son Alexander down by Fall Creek to show him where he and his old college friends used to do lots of drugs and have lots of sex.

“There used to be a big tree here where we’d meet up,” explained Carrington to his child, a freshman in the College of Human Ecology. “There was a hollow notch in the tree where my guy would leave us some weed every month. Other stuff too, but mainly weed.”

The father related many of his 1970’s antics in Ithaca to his son, such as the times he got stoned after a prelim, the times he got stoned after a party and the times he got stoned after breakfast.

“See that rock over there? I have a lot of good memories on that rock,” added Carrington. “That’s where I had sex with the best lay of the sophomore class, and your mother hasn’t lost her touch since.”

Carrington encouraged his son to experiment in college and use his old hangout as he sees fit, requesting only that he think of his old man every time he smokes a joint.

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