“Fight the Fee” Protesters Continue to Picket Skorton’s Smithsonian Office

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Still angered over the introduction of the new Gannett health fee, student activists stormed into Smithsonian Secretary David Skorton’s office in Washington, refusing to leave until the fee was revoked.

“We are here to show the administration that the student body will not quietly sit back and succumb to their corporate agenda. $350 is too much.” said Joseph Glazer ‘17, holding up a sign saying “No Flex Zone” and having  spent about $575 on gas, food, and hotel rooms to make the trip to Washington D.C.

“If President Skorton really thought he’d be able ignore our demands as usual by moving to the nation’s capital hundreds of miles away, then he sorely underestimates the power of student activism,” added Cillian Muller ‘18.

Other protesters on the National Mall, those decrying human rights violations, climate change and congressional inactivity, passed by the Cornellians outside the Smithsonian Castle, admiring the righteous cause of the dozen irate Ivy League students upset with their marginal increase in student healthcare.

The protests dissipated later that day, with the students returning to Ithaca, eager to wait for the next University inconvenience to raise up arms yet again.

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