CALS Deans Open New Ag Quad Slaughterhouse

AG QUAD – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Kathryn J. Boor held a ceremony marking the opening of the Tyson Foods Slaughterhouse in the center of the Agriculture Quad.

“Much like the Physics Department’s use of the Synchrotron or the Hotel School’s use of the Statler, we want to offer our students the opportunity to engage in hands on experiences that emulate the work being done in industry,” said Boor as the first butchering of cattle had just begun.

According to Professors in the Animal Science department, the use of the slaughterhouse will incorporate every aspect of the meat packing industry, from cramming liquified livestock into crates all the way to stuffing lifeless carcasses into storage freezers.

“The lessons learned from using the facility, such as how to deal with the excessive bleeding or breed animals for the sole purpose getting the most meat possible, will end up being invaluable to our students,” added Dan Brown, Associate Professor of Animal Science.

Graduation requirements for Animal Science undergraduates now include the humane slaughtering of at least eight cows, three lambs, and five chickens that have never seen the light of day.

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