JAM Roommates Split Over Creative Differences

Photo by David Navadeh

JAM PROGRAM HOUSE  – Norman Samson and Benjamin Harrison, long-time roommates in Cornell’s music themed program house JAM have recently announced they are splitting up over “creative differences.”

“I really feel like we need to stay true to our roots,” said Harrison as he tearfully glanced at their old, dusty acoustic guitars. “But as the academic year has gone by, we just don’t see eye-to-eye on the direction of the group. It’s about time we go our separate ways.”

A spokesperson for the duo said that the roommates will pursue a solo career for the time being, with Samson looking to pursue a following in Mews Hall and Harrison considering space in Low Rise 7.

“The drugs, the fame, it all got to him. He just isn’t the roommate I used to know,” said Samson as he longingly reminisced about the good old days, back when they were just kids starting out.

While Samson commented that a reunion would be unlikely, his roommate was open to the idea as long as each agreed to respect the other’s artistic vision, stylistic choices and sleep schedule.

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