Report: Literally Anyone Can Enroll in Intro to Handgun Safety

TOMPKINS COUNTY GUN CLUB – A recent examination of the student course catalog revealed that pretty much anyone can enroll in PE 1515 “Intro to Handgun Safety,” exploiting a dangerous loophole in New York firearm regulations that practically no one is concerned about.

“New York State Law requires that all students taking the course must be United States citizens or currently registered Cornell students to take shooting classes,” says an anonymous NY State legislator. “That’s it. Just meet either requirement, pay the course fee, and Cornell will give you a gun. Why are people not talking about this?”

When questioned on the lack of any background checks for enrolled students, instructor William Colton pointed out that “It clearly says handgun ‘safety’ in the course title. If there were any perceived danger in allowing students to take the class with practically no regulations, we would be sure to remove ‘safety’ from the title.”

The instructor did admit that an emotionally unstable 65-year-old showed up for class last year, but he resolved the problem by switching him into PE 1515: “Riflery” instead.

“Danger averted on that one. Whew,” added Colton.

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