OP-ED: People Playing Frisbee on Arts Quad Probably Having a Lot of Fun

OLIN LIBRARY — Those people tossing around a frisbee on the arts quad are probably having a lot of fun, even though I have to stay in the library. I’m going to look back down at my work now.

Oh look they’re eating something. Are those chocolate chip cookies? Probably. But it’s too bad I can’t go out and join them because I’ve been busy every day doing that club thing that I don’t even like, but at least it’s going to look good on my resume. Look at the smile on that guy’s face; when was the last time I smiled?

Now there’s a dog walking by too; damn straight it’s going to go play with them. Look how fluffy it is, but I can’t pet it because I’m stuck inside doing my problem set.  Did that dog just catch the frisbee in its mouth and bring it back? Of course it did.

I should probably get back to my work, I don’t want to see that hot guy walk down the path and play with the dog and the frisbee.  Oh, there he is! That could be me.

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