CU Nooz’s Guide to Storing Your Stuff Over Summer Where Stupid Nick Can’t Borrow It Without Asking

This article was sponsored by EzraBox, a student peer-to-peer storage startup that helps find affordable and easy storage options for summer.

It’s almost time for summer break, which means students all over campus are looking for a place to store their belongings in a place where my inconsiderate roommate Nick won’t be able to touch their stuff for the next three months. Here’s a helpful guide on where you can store your belongings over the summer safely, where Nick can’t get to them.

  1. A friend’s apartment, but definitely not Kelsey’s – Chances are you know someone sticking around over the summer, so definitely ask them if they could keep your things at their place. Just don’t ask Kelsey, because I’m pretty sure her and Nick are hooking up, and I bet he wouldn’t think twice using my, I don’t know, goddam toothpaste without asking me first like he does all the time in our Cascadilla dorm.
  1. A storage locker outside of town – This seems a little extreme, for sure, but since there’s only one key and the locker is in a remote location the chances that someone, Nick, could make it all the way out there and use MY FUCKING TOWELS WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW.
  1. Some lame storage company, as long as you-know-who isn’t working there this summer – What many see as a helpful service to students is actually a haven for moochers who would have no problem using your razor and then not even washing it afterwards, not that they asked in the first place. No names. No names.
  1. My side of the room, dude – Not that it matters to anyone, I guess.
  1. Some trustworthy peer-to-peer storage solution – The good people at student run companies like EzraBox don’t give a goddamn what Nick wants and certainly won’t let him take and then STRETCH OUT my favorite sweater. Like, Nick, you knew that was a birthday present. Christ, I just wanted a cool year with a cool roommate who wasn’t an asshole and just buys his own Gilmore Girls VHS boxset and not borrow mine without rewinding it. It’s just really inconsiderate, you know?

That’s all I’m saying.

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