200-Student Lecture Held Hostage By Yet Another Question From Kevin

GOLDWIN SMITH HALL—Monday’s already droll introduction to anthropology lecture grinded to a halt yet again due to another one of Kevin’s pedantic questions.

To the annoyance of the entire class, the question launched the formerly on-topic professor into a complete and thorough examination of the various hypothetical scenarios and well thought out concerns raised by the curious student.

While most students at the 10:10 lecture understand the general convention of exhibiting looks of apathy and confusion when the professor asks for question, Kevin continued to defy the norm by raising his hand to ask another one of his annoying questions that provides real insight into the course material.

“Kevin definitely shows a lot of enthusiasm, but everyone else in the class would prefer if he shut up and take his genuine interest in the course material to office hours or something,” said fellow student Alice Larkin ‘21.

Over the course of the semester, Kevin’s actual interest in the overarching themes of the class, along with an insatiable thirst for the accumulation of knowledge, has repeatedly interfered with other students’ attempts to memorize what will and what won’t be tested on the final exam.

When asked for comment, Kevin responded saying, “I’m thrilled that my fellow Anthropology classmates appreciate my contribution to class discourse enough that they think I deserve a whole article.”

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