In Step Forward, Women Finally Make Up 50% of Engineering Students, 10% of Class Talking Time

CARPENTER HALL—A new report released by the College of Engineering reveals that for the first time since the university’s founding, women comprise 50% of Engineering enrollment and an unprecedented 10% of talking time in class.

“It’s incredible, I’m surrounded by women in every class I go to now—and one even talked in my algo lecture last Monday,” said Jacob Tullson ‘21. “Her comment was so insightful that some guy even raised his hand to repeat what she said immediately afterwards.”

The university has been quick to promote the new development, including updating admissions brochures to advertise that the 10% talking time eclipses Harvard’s 5% and Princeton’s measly 3%. “We could not be more excited by the news that our college is such a safe space that women feel comfortable talking 10% of the time,” stated Engineering Dean Priebus Rawlins. “If only I could convince my wife to do the same!”

No women could be reached for comment.

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