Brave Student Sparks Revolution With Scathing Course Evaluation

GOLDWIN SMITH HALL—In a display of gritty revolutionary spirit, Elia Wang ‘21 took it upon herself to use course evaluations to dismantle Cornell’s ruling class: tenured professors.

“I was looking for a way to truly make my voice heard,” said Wang. “And submitting an evaluation of straight ones will be a surefire way to topple the regime of tenure.”

Wang’s instruments of revolt include true anonymity, the power to Strongly Disagree, and the knowledge that the evaluation will definitely be used to make decisions about instructors (she also owns a small guillotine).

“My professor was emphasizing how important course evaluations are,” said Wang. “The system is putting the means of its own destruction into the hands of the students—we just need to capitalize on it.”

Wang has been urging her fellow classmates to submit their course evaluations, too, sparking a wave of scathing forms and, likely, chaos within the professor class.

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