Wistful Hotelie Leaves Mint on Parents Pillow Every Night

LONG ISLAND—To fill the void caused by missing out on the valuable hands-on hospitality training he so desperately needs, Bronson Winchester ’23 has been leaving a mint or chocolate on his parents pillow every night before they go to bed.

“While my parents are relaxing and watching TV unawares, I just meander over to their room, leave a mint, provide a little turndown service, and when I’m feeling extra hospitable I’ll place a handwritten supportive note on their pillows. It’s the only thing getting me through not being able to attend HADM 1350 Introduction to Hotel Operations,” said Winchester. 

Despite this nightly ritual, Winchester still finds himself longing for the high stakes world of hotel management. In recent weeks, Winchester has taken to valeting his mom’s car when she comes home from the grocery store and folding everyone’s dinner napkins into intricate origami designs.

“I’m glad Bronson is invested in his studies despite all that’s going on in the world these days. You know his mother and I actually met at the Hotel School back in ’78,” said Bronson’s father, Beauregard. “Still, the enormous poster of Conrad Hilton on his wall is honestly getting a bit creepy.”

After completing his service each night, the aspiring hotel magnate returns to his room still lined with dirty laundry and full of empty water bottles. 


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