Adventurous Student Makes Second-Favorite Breakfast Dish After 10-Day Streak of Cooking His Favorite

COLLEGETOWN Alan McMillan ‘21 recently made the stunning decision to eschew his preferred breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast for his back-up choice of oatmeal with fresh fruit.

“I really felt like I was getting in a rut, what with classes and never leaving my apartment,” McMillan said excitedly while boiling some water in preparation. “And I’d gotten some nice looking blueberries at Wegman’s, so I thought, ‘what the heck!’ and got a little crazy.” 

McMillan’s roommate Christopher Liang confirmed that McMillan had successfully broken his 10-day long streak of “honestly mediocre and pretty unseasoned eggs” with a healthier, lighter, and equally unflavorful breakfast. McMillan meal exploration did not extend so far as to alter his choice of drinkshe stuck with his daily glass of orange juice, with which, he said, he “takes [his] vitamins.”

McMillan embraced a brand new mantra while cooking, which guided him throughout all of his culinary risks. “Life is about taking adventures, and that applies to cooking. To incorporate that, I boil water for the oats on medium-high, and not just medium. Then after the oats are cooked, I add blueberries, strawberries, and coconut flakes for their exoticness. I top it off with a dash of cinnamon, which I know could be way too spicy for some people, but I like to experience different cultures.” 

McMillan is reportedly figuring out what his next great risk will be. At press time he was debating between “lighting a brand new candle in lieu of usual half-full ones or switching out his 2-in-1 body wash for a 3-in-1.”

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