OP-ED: Dear Freshmen, that Twenty-Person O-Week Friend Group is Much Cooler Than You and If You Don’t Have Best Friends Yet, Just Give Up Trying

RUTH BADER GINSBURG HALL—Freshies, the first week of college is tough—college-living is a huge transition! If you’re feeling worried about the multitude of first-year frights—homesickness, courseload, dining hall food—you should probably add yet another anxiety to that list: the fact that you don’t have any friends while every single person around you has already found their long-time besties.

College moves quick! While you initially may have thought that you had some time to “find your people,” time is rapidly running out. Look out your window. See that group of 15 or so excited 18 year-olds? Well, they can see you sitting alone in your room, and think you’re a fucking loser.

One such ultra-popular freshman, Kylie Richards ‘27, expressed how easy it was for her to adjust to college life. She struggled to understand how you could be a loser with no friends when you have had 14 days to learn everything there is to know about someone who you get along with super well.

“I am so cool and I have, like, one-hundred friends,” Richards said. “We’re all super pretty and rich and already have boyfriends and girlfriends who we will be with forever. Yay!”

A friend of Richards’, Alex Ellis ‘27, concurred. “I have so many friends already and it has only been two weeks,” Ellis said. “The amount of available friends is finite so I had to collect as many as possible. I have so many friends and I get along with every single one of them. Woohoo!”

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