Cornell to Celebrate 150 Years By Reminding Everybody About It Constantly

DAY HALL- In honor of the fact that Cornell is in its 150th year as an academic institution, the university announced today that it would celebrate by constantly reminding everybody about the fact that it is 150 years old.

“This is a massive accomplishment for a prestigious university such as Cornell, and we figured the best way to commend the hard work of generations of faculty and students was to put the number ‘150’ just about everywhere on campus,” declared president David Skorton, while speaking from a podium covered with the number.

“Libe Café will be selling coffee for 150 cents, Cornell Cinema will be showing 150 hours of movies, and the heights of all buildings will be increased so that they are divisible by 150 feet. This is the best way to celebrate the work of our founders, Ezra Cornell and A.D. White, who established this university – you guessed it – 150 years ago.”

Further developments indicate that to keep up with the festivities, engineering professors will be making their tests out of 150 points while still only giving 100 as the highest grade.

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