Girl in Sexy Kitten Costume Rescued by Local Animal Shelter

COLLEGETOWN- Sources are reporting that the Tompkins County SPCA rescued a stray girl sporting a sexy kitten costume this Friday night.

“We found Mittens shivering in a sideways box labeled ‘FREE,’ taking shelter from the rain,” said Jim Bouderau, executive director of the Tompkins County SPCA, while refilling the girl’s saucer of milk.

“She was left all alone out there, with no one to take care of her, so we brought her in and tried to nurse her back to health.”

Bouderau noted that the shelter is actively looking for a new home for Mittens, whose exact breed could not be determined.

Mittens’ adoption information can be found on the SPCA website, which includes any information known about her and a description of her qualities. According to the website, Mittens is “playful and outgoing, and is always trying to get out her cage.”

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