Rulloff’s to Reclose Thursday

COLLEGETOWN – Following the exciting news of the reopening of Rulloff’s, new owner Gregar Brous announced today that the Collegetown establishment would promptly close again on Thursday.

“We already have a lot on our plate with Collegetown Bagels and Agava. You didn’t really think we were bringing back Rulloff’s forever, did you?” said Brous, while putting the final touches on the bar in anticipation of a very busy 24-hour period.

“Look, everybody can come in on Wednesday, have a drink, reminisce about a restaurant that will be gone by tomorrow night, and celebrate the wonderful Collegetown tradition that is Rulloff’s. But then get out.”

Further research indicated that even if Rulloff’s were not to close on Thursday, it is bound to close sometime in the near future and be replaced by an Asian restaurant.

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