Little Big Littler Than Big Little

ZETA IOTA TAU SORORITY — Sorority Big Joan Kleinberg ’17 realized today that her Little is much bigger than she is. The Little, Emma Yang ’18, is considerably bigger than her Big, mainly owing to the fact that her Big is quite little.

“It just occurred to me that she’s gigantic!” exclaimed the small Big, who stands 4’ 10” in comparison to the Little (6’ 1”). “She isn’t, like, ‘big’ at all, but my Little is just a giant!”

The petite Big was paired with Yang at their sorority’s Big/Little week. Kleinberg had expressed interest in having a smaller little, such as teeny-tiny Isabel Rivlin ’18. But, due to Yang’s big personality, Kleinberg decided that, though she is much taller, Yang was a tremendous choice.

Yang, likewise, is not embarrassed by her Big’s diminutive stature, calling Kleinberg “amazing, and she’s so cute! Sometimes she can be a bit infantile, but I love my bite-sized sister!”

The two girls are now best friends, epitomizing the sorority value that size does not matter.

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