Cornell University Suspended For Hazing Fraternities

DAY HALL – Cornell University was informed this morning that it will be placed under interim suspension for “credible evidence” of hazing fraternities, with actions such as “frequent suspensions” being reported.

“We believe that Cornell has broken numerous rules in the way they are dealing with fraternities on campus, and when rules are broken there must be consequences,” said Interfraternity Council president Connor Riser, who acknowledged that, while they had no problem with the university having fun, the fraternities would not stand for any more hazing incidents.

“We cannot stand idly by while our frats are mistreated in this way. It is never okay to humiliate or demean fraternities, and with two of the most recent fraternity suspensions being uplifted shortly after, that’s exactly what Cornell is doing.”

It is believed that the Cornell University suspension will be soon removed just as it was for Ithaca College, who was initially suspended for cruelly placing their college on a really steep hill.

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