Denice Cassaro Kept Awake at Night, Haunted by Student Unconnected to Community

WILLARD-STRAIGHT HALL – Denice Cassaro lay awake all night haunted by the specter of a bored student who, in the absence of any fun events on campus, just went to bed early.

“I’ve worked so hard to make sure that students are aware of the fun, engaging community events happening around them at all times of the day,” muttered Cassaro over a very full tumbler of whiskey. “And this is what it comes to. A young kid, full of life, lying in bed early on a Friday night. The puppies aren’t being pet. The coffee’s not being drunk. The popcorn’s just sitting there … not like this. Not like this.”

Cassaro then threw her drink back, drained the glass and left, remarking “I have some student life to engage.”

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